I write songs as a means of expressing passions. I write songs to talk about things that which I consider important and to share what I experience. Each song has a story behind it and was created in a very specific context.


I have written 7 Song Collections & many independent songs, most the of the related to a social project. 


"AMADEUS sing with me" Collection of 30 songs for young children. An introduction to the English language through songs.   


"LAVORIAMO CANTANDO" inserimento sociale e lavorativo in salute mentale (2018-2020)  

21 songs written with a group of 10 young people with mental health problems as part of a 2 year program. 


Canto Creativo: I have written over 70 songs with children and young people, about their life, their experience, their dreams and desires. The projects have taken place in Italy, Switzerland, Mexico, Guatemala and online.    


We're all on the Road: I wrote and recorded 12 sings in October/November 2010 in Italy while I was working with people who have suffered Human Trafficking. You can read about the experience under: Music a Chance for Change - "We're all on the Road". The songs are in English, Italian and Spanish (to read the texts click Collection We're all on the Road")


Canta la Calle: I wrote and recorded this collection of songs in January/February 2011 in Guatemala City, while I was working with the "Movimiento de Jòvenes de la Calle" (the movenet of the street youth). They speak about the street, it's problems and beauties, the pain and freedom of inhabiting it. All texts are in Spanish (translated into Italian and French).


Danlio Dolci: Was an activist in Sicily, 4 times nominated for the Nobel Peace Price. I wrote a collection of songs with some his poems which we recorded in March 2012. Songs with texts by Danilo Dolci: 

Ciascuno cresce solo se sognato, Sono eguali, So che non ti smarrisci, Tra lucere di olivi, Ferita aperta, Vittoria, Passa talvolta, Infiniti silenzi, Rivoluzione. 


Some examples of individual songs, most of them relate to Migration or other social issues: 


Written for NOPPAW: "African woman for the Nobel Prize" in Italy 2011:

Born by the River (Delta Niger) 

Walking to Dadaab (Somalia) 

Requiem del Meditrraneo (Sepulto en el Mar)


World Peace Academy in Basel, November 2011:

The Vision 



Brot für alle and Fasten Opfer Kampagne 2012:

Ich ziehe den Karren (Lyrics: E. Bernet)

Wir pflanzen in der Schoss der Erde (Lyrics: E. Bernet)


Domestic Violence:

When silence shouldn't grow

Growing through a crack


Children's library "Le Balate" in Palermo:

La luna innamorata



Basel equal opportunities for men and women (Gleichstellungsbüro):



Le mani della nonna


Therwil Church first Comunion:

In allen Dingen schlaeft ein Lied  







Video: We're all on the Road

This song I wrote in Italy in November 2010 while I was working with "On the raod onlus". The people who sing in the choir that comes in at the end,  suffered human trafficking.