I started writing songs when I found something I really wanted to share, something I thought to be important and valuable. Finding a way to express our thoughts and feelings is really important and profoundly fulfilling. 

I have written a great amount of songs, in different contexts, related to a specific place and time; each song has a personal story. I have written songs with kids that live in the streets of Guatemala; kids in Mexico, in Italy, in Switzerland – teaching them and learning from them. I have written songs with people who have suffered violence, with people in jail or with mental health issues - hidden worlds shared through music. Many times I am moved to write a song to give voice to something happening to people living in situations of exclusion. 

Since I work online, I do not think in terms of the age, or the place of the person I write a song with or for, I just enjoy the process, knowing that when we learn to channelize our feelings into a song we have a tool that gives a new quality to our life. 



Songwriting is an artistic expression guided by the heart  

online workshop on song-writing

with Theresia Bothe. 


"Pay attention to what you want to say, find the tools and develop a balance between instinct and control to create your song. If it feels right, there is no need to think in terms of good and bad." 



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