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Romantic guitar (copy of 1830) by Lawrence Brown

Arciliuto (Coply 1620) built by Andreas von Holst

Guitar Taylor NS32 

Bild: C. Schliehe
Bild: C. Schliehe

Recitar cantando


Music of the 17th century


Theresia Bothe: Voice & Archlute

Lieder aus der Biedermeier- Zeit: (1815-1848)


Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829)
Louis Spohr (1784-1859)
C. M. Weber (1786-1826)
Fernendo Sor (1778-1839)
C. F. Zelter (1758-1837)





Songs form the 14th to the 17th Century




"Spanisches Temperanent"


A history of Spanish song

Lo Vamos a Cambiar


My own songs & songs by others



We're all on the Road (Italia)

Canta la Calle (Guatemala)

Danilo Dolci (Sicily/ Basel)


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