“If one should desire to know whether a kingdom is well governed, if its morals are good or bad, the quality of its music will furnish the answer.” -Confucius 

Music a Chance for Change

"La musique exprime ce qui ne peut être dit et sur quoi il est impossible de rester silencieux"

Victor Hugo




Text: March 2014.



Music a Chance for Change (M-CC)  is a non profit association founded in Basel in 2003. We are moved by the conviction that music can paly a role in social change and towards a better awareness of social and ecological issues. Its main purpose is to insert music in social projects and education and to communicate through music.


The donations Music a Chance for Change receives are used to help specific social projects like schools in general and to teach music as part of the curricula. We also promote music making, performing and listening to music.


Theresia's work in 2012/2013 "Canto Creativo":

The main project on which I worked on in 2013 was “Canto Creativo” (creative singing). I wrote songs together with individual or groups of children and teenagers in Switzerland, Italy, Mexico and Guatemala. The main purpose was to stimulate kids to express themselves through music, talking about their dreams, desires and life stories. As a result we have a very complete and varied collection, with 42 songs, easy to sing and easy to accompany. The stile and language of each song relates to the cultural contexts so that the children feel identified with their song.


It was an extremely interesting creative process and the collection reflects a lot of what our children think, fear, feel, or whish for.  I recorded the songs with my voice, but to be authentic they should be sang by the individual or the groups involved in their creation or similar groups who understand and believe in the content. For this project to be concluded it would be necessary to describe the context in which each individual song was composed and edit the songs in a way that any person who is interested can learn to sing and play any song of the collection.


There are may people I would like to thank for their support. I thank the donations of the “Tango evening, Basel”,  “Confirmation ceremony in Therwil”  and the concert of the  8th of march “Eine Welt, viele Frauen”, the interest they have in Music and in the ideals of Music a Chance for Change.   


The events of 2013 in which I took part as representative of Music a Chance for Change:

Charity concerts: 1st and 7th of June in Basel.

Other Social oriented concerts: “Brot für alle” (Basle/Liestal); Multicultural Library “Le Balate” (Palermo); RomeroHaus (Luzern); Schöpfungstag (Basel); “A book for a concert” Towards a library for the main Jail in Palermo.

Interview: SRF Kultur “Musik für einen Gast”.

Conference: International day against violence toward women 25th of November (Palermo).


Theresia Bothe

Projects 2013:


"Canto Creativo" Inventing songs together. It is about creating songs with groups of children in which they express their opinion and or experiences about selected themes of their lives or fantasies. These songs which will be edited and recorded, to be used as a method to learn music. It was originated in Palermo, Sicily; but now it has expanded to Guatemala, Mexico and Switzerland so the social and cultural contexts of the young people involved is wider.  


Canta la Calle“ with street kids in Guatemala. In joined work with the Movimiento de Jovenes de la Calle“ MOJOCA in Guatemala City. The CD called “Canta la Calle” was presented in Europe in June 2012.  www.amistrada.net   


We're all on the Road” with people who have suffered human trafficking. In joined work with On the Road ONLUS www.ontheroadonlus.it  in Martin Sicuro, Italy. The CD with the titel “We're all on the Road” will be presented in Europe in June 2012.



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